Bruno Philipe

Programmer and Web Developer.
Personal projects usually involve iOS and macOS.

Agenda #cpbr7

This is a simple companion app I developed for the world popular geek event called Campus Party — more precisely, for the 2014 Brazilian edition.

The App displays: a calendar of all presentations and talks schedulled to happen, ordered by day and hour with search support; A news directory with data pulled from the event's official blog; A composite map of the convention center where the event will be held and its interior; and some extra info, like a functionality to open the Maps App to display the shortest route to the location.

I learned a lot about remote requests on iOS, handling connections, erros and unexpected outputs. The automatic content update functionality involves compressions and handling this task was also a new challenge for me.

The App is currently available on the App Store. For more information, please visit the App's hot site (in Portuguese).

Development-to-Release time: 3 weeks