A powerful strings file merging tool.


Since Xcode provides a poor interface for dealing with strings file, it was always a pain to work on localization in my Apps. The strings file was generated at the time you created the localization, and the only way to update it is using a terminal tool. To make our lifes as programmers a bit easier, I have come up with this little tool that will help you putting the new strings into your old file.

Basically what it does is: it takes the old strings file, check for different strings keys on the new file, and create a single file with no repeats, merging both files, but keeping the translations of the old file.

See the example below:

/* Old file - with german translations */ "9X8-J7-nNH.title" = "Haupt-Namen"; "p7X-ip-PCE.prompt" = "Adresse"; "p7X-ip-PCE.title" = "Betriebszeit";

/* New file - generated from Xcode ibtool, in the base language */ "9X8-J7-nNH.title" = "Main Name"; "p7X-ip-PCE.prompt" = "Address"; "p7X-ip-PCE.title" = "Uptime"; "PnG-aX-kd9.text" = "Telephone"; "bHa-cn-OE7.title" = "Preferable contact hours";

/* Merged file - keeping the older strings from "Old File" and adding the newer from "New File" to the end */ "9X8-J7-nNH.title" = "Haupt-Namen"; "p7X-ip-PCE.prompt" = "Adresse"; "p7X-ip-PCE.title" = "Betriebszeit"; "PnG-aX-kd9.text" = "Telephone"; "bHa-cn-OE7.title" = "Preferable contact hours";

I have seen some shell scripts do the same, but I started hating them because sometimes they mess up and you end up losing strings, or because it vanished or because it simply copied the newer strings file. With this App it is much easier to merge the strings, because it always adds the newer strings to the end of the file, and you can actually preview the file before exporting it.

If you do have troubles with localization files, please give my App a try! It is free!


Initial StringsMerge screen.

Previewing the input files simultaneously.

Previewing the output file.


Current version: 1.0 - ()

Download (1.4 MB)



Thank you very much for your interest in StringsMerge! I would be very glad to hear feedback from users from all around the world! If you wish to get in contact with me, just visit my home-page and click on the "Contact" link in the navigation menu. Thanks!